Monday, November 7, 2011

What is more fun than playing Angry Birds?

We know that there are three components to a human being.  A person is a spiritual being who uses a mind to control his body.

When a human learns to perform an activity such as playing the piano, he uses the facility of his mind to "teach" his body to obey his intention, which is to play some Beethoven to impress the ladies.

As a church, we have a "body," which is the facility itself.  You are familiar with that... you donate for it, you sweep its floors, you pour over the space plans so that you may offer suggestions.

The staff of the church are its "spiritual being."

These are the guys that give direction to and will activate the "body" and give it life and action.

You are also familiar with that... some of them are your best friends.

Is there a component which is the "mind" of the organization?  If so, it must be pretty important.  Imagine our human trying to learn to play Beethoven if he never learned to read music or if he repeatedly forgot the function of a piano, but instead tried to play it like a trumpet.

Yes, there is a "mind" - and it is our Central Files.  Composed of over 20,000 files, it represents our ability to reach out to and contact those very same people who will donate to complete the church fundraising and who will later join staff as we approach our grand opening.

The value of getting these files in proper order now, rather than at the end of our renovations, is that we can then use the files to acquire more friends to help us get our renovations, fundraising and staff procurement done faster.

We already have several volunteers working on the files, but there is quite a bit of work to do.

You can devote as little as an hour a week to the project with benefit - although no one will complain if you choose to work at it 60 hours a week, either.  Each person who works on the project for an hour will receive a commendation, and there are bigger and better commendations the longer a volunteer is active as a participant.

I'd like to invite you to come in and help out.  In the words of one volunteer, "Working in Central Files is more fun than playing Angry Birds... ok, well... at least it's more productive."

Madison is heading up the project every Tuesday and Thursday night - come on in and he'll get you started.

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