Monday, October 17, 2011

When you wish upon a spar

As a race, we love to write things for people to read in the far off future.

Chesterton used recently-discovered cave paintings as evidence of man's divine origins.  He used their beauty to counter the materialists of the day who posited that primitive man clubbed their wives and stole them.  His point was that anyone who could make art like this wouldn't need to club their women.

Other evidence of our propensity for scribbling on walls can be seen in Pompeii, where the same ashes that smothered its population helped to preserve the bathroom scribblings and political slogans of 2000 years ago.

Recently, I blogged about some of our donors who wrote immortal words for future generations on old floorboards, to be placed underneath our new auditorium floor.

These boards are now permanently enclosed within the hardwood and concrete of  the site of our future events.  They'll be there for generations to come, heralding a bright new future for St. Louis.

Winnie has located one final board.  We all have things we'd like to say - I am inviting everyone to come in to the church this week and sign it.  This is your chance to have your words preserved and hidden in a place in the new building... of course, no one will read them, but that just makes them a bit more wish-like, a bit more likely to come true...

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