Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A few good (wo)men.

Are girls smarter than boys? 

I've gathered evidence that answers this age-old riddle to my complete satisfaction.

First, I present exhibit "A."

This, believe it or not, is a fundraiser.

The white stuff on the floor is a 1/4" coat of fine dust particles left over from the sanding of the walls and ceiling.

Can you say, "asthma?"

Notice that even the photographer saw fit to shoot this in black and white.  You can't see the Ridenours huddled in the back with blankets and particle masks - God bless them that they didn't even peep a complaint or an exaggerated sneeze.

Now, I bring forth exhibit "B."

Ok... hmmm....

Chairs?                       check.

Food?                         check.

Climate control?          check.

Particle masks? Not required.

Any fundraising event has as a basic purpose the generation of goodwill.  Its intention is to help prospective donors love their organization and donate to its cause.

At the event pictured in exhibit "a," do you think that this was accomplished?

What about exhibit "b?"  Doesn't it exude warmth and happy feelings?!  Even those snowflakes in the background were created by children - how perfect is that?!

Now the million dollar question... What is the singular difference between these two events?

Do you need a hint?

That's right - in the "bronchitis event," Cherie played no part. 

Yet, in the "good feelings happy donors let's all make it happen" event, as with any others in recent memory that had such things as... well, food, chairs, entertainment, participants and a coherent theme, Cherie played a huge part.

You see, I apparently don't think of such things when it's time to do a fundraiser.   And while we may have a good time in any case, I guarantee that people are more excited to be able to sit down, breathe and hear the speaker.

I believe that her feminine touch - and Cherie's insane ability to correctly organize a fundraiser and remember all the little details (chairs) that I forget about - has lead to far greater success with our efforts than would otherwise be expected.  And while we each have the same goals when planning a fundraising event, I must admit that Cherie is much better at it than I. 

G. K. Chesterton made the point that, "Anything worth doing is worth doing badly."  That's good and true.  Even if we do something in a way that could have been better, we are better off that we did it.  However, in my case, I'm thankful for Cherie and her crew of volunteers that can make the kind of event that we all enjoy.

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