Friday, July 15, 2011

And the winner is...

Whoa whoa whoa.

As I announced on Monday, Randy Smith, one of our cattle-owning Scientologists in rural Missouri, offered a prize of 50 bucks to whomever could guess the design of his cattle brand.  I said I'd throw in a hat.

Well, I guess I should have known that Randy was a horse trader.

He has upped the ante on the cattle brand game.

He will get the list of submissions this weekend.  If anyone won the game and has correctly guessed Randy's brand, he will let me know that there was a winner and will send them 50 bucks and the hat.

HOWEVER - the winner will be sworn to secrecy regarding the identity of the brand, and if the losers want to find out what the design actually is, they will have to make a $50 donation to the building renovations project.

IF no one has won, Randy will let everyone know and they can continue to submit entries - for a donation of 10 bucks per guess to the new building - until there is a winner.

Very sneaky, Randy...

I will have Robin forward an email to Randy tomorrow with all guesses thus far, so if you'd like to sneak in a guess, email her or me by the end of the day today.

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