Friday, July 22, 2011

California dreaming

Disclaimer:  This blog is not funny, nor is it well-written.  You'll have to excuse me - I'm a bit distracted.  I'm leaving for LA in a few hours to attend a fundraising conference.  And while I will love the conference and meeting my friends and co-workers in sunny California, I don't like travelling to LA.  I'm a Midwest kind of guy.  I like the Midwest.  I love St. Louis.  Even with triple digit heat and horrible humidity, St. Louis is the best.  Why? The people are the best.  The people here are honest (not the blunt, antagonistic honesty of New York - just truthful), and they are friendly.  (Not Southern smile-sweetly-and-gossip friendly - just friendly.)

The below text is actually very poorly written and difficult to understand.  The only consolation I have to offer anyone who reads all the way through is the possibility of winning this hat -

You have been forewarned.  Read on if you must.

You may think that these words stop making sense, however, it's a sure thing that if you read the stuff until the end, it will become clear with sudden impact that something wild is going on with this blog.

Announcing a St. Louis fundraising event in extremely bad taste, at which the clothing will leave you breathless!

The girls will look pretty in pink stirrup pants, and the boys will earn their stripes and go over the top with their break dance outfits.  It's the big phenomena you've all been waiting for, when ordinary people become 80's renegades who are willing to say anything and to make a certain sacrifice, all to dream a little dream and make an ideal org.

So, get a clue and let everyone know that you're playing for keeps.  You don't want to miss the night that will ensure that August 2011 is remembered as one crazy summer.

The event will be near dark, at 7pm, August 20th at the Church of Scientology of Missouri.  Don't miss it - it's going to be rad!

The thing is, numerous 80's movies made their way into this blog and disappeared without a trace.  Anyone who thinks that they have uncommon valor can make a splash and earn some glory by sending me an email with a list of contraband movie titles hiding out in this blog.  A hat to the winner that shows real genius.

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