Monday, July 4, 2011

A first comment

I feel a bit like Cervantes at the beginning of "Don Quixote" -

"Dear reader - you may rest assured that I wished this book, as the child of my brain, to be the fairest, gayest, and cleverest thing that could be imagined.  But, I cannot counteract nature's law that like begets like; and what, then, could this sterile wit of mine produce but a dry, shrivelled offspring..." 

However, I have been encouraged by several friends at the church to post a regular blog to keep parishioners up-to-date regarding what is happening in the org.  My hope is that the excitement inherent in the subject matter at hand - the wins of church parishioners and our ongoing fundraising efforts - will make up for any lack of wit and writing skill on my part.

I may write about the ongoing renovations and fundraising, or I may instead write about the successes of parishioners on service.  I may write about my experiences as a staff member.  In any case, here it is - I hope that you enjoy it and find the information useful.

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