Monday, February 27, 2012

Time, Place, Form and... Event!

The Place:
The Missouri History Museum

The People:

The Event:

Mr. Barney Bradshaw, a speaker at the History museum, told several tales of heroism and sacrifice that are an integral part of St. Louis history, Ms. Kathy Jordan received an award from the "Stop the Killing" initiative for her help in bringing The Way to Happiness to the community, and everyone was given an opportunity to give a gift for the future of St. Louis - our new church building.

The Result:

The evening was a rave success.  Thank you to all who attended and gave gifts, and to all who worked to make the event happen as smoothly as it did.  What a marvelous way to kick off the new year!

"Goodness is the only investment that never fails."
- Henry David Thoreau

Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh, the piles of files

My apologies to Dr. Seuss

Oh, the funny things you see
     the many handwriting styles
the promo from 1973
     when handling the piles of files.

Madison can offer a keen eye
      and advice that's loaded with guile -
it's needed as the hours go by
     as you're handling the piles of files

     Here's Chuck, a member of Mensa
             who handles his work by the aisle
     I won't rhyme "Chuck;" it might offends ya,
             but he also works the piles of files.

           Winsome worked all day long
                    Headphones blaring different musical styles
           As she joyously sang along
                    And handled her piles of files.


 The "C's" are now in a good state
          and we ended the day in smiles;
 March 25th is the next date    
           To handle more piles of files.

A big "thank you" to the intrepid volunteers who attended the CF party last weekend.  You guys are awesome!  

If anyone would like to volunteer on the project, they should contact Madison Baird.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Man on fire

"Now, it's a funny darn thing.  What do you live for?  You live to help others."
                                                                                - L. Ron Hubbard

I'd like to acknowledge Barry Coziahr, who has been engaged in community outreach for the St. Louis Church of Scientology for nearly 20 years.  The church is now on the cusp of creating some very large positive change in St. Louis, and this is in no small part due to his initiative and activities.

Barry has been working intensively to get The Way to Happiness into the hands of the population of St. Louis.  He has helped get 50,000 of this very powerful booklet donated, printed and distribution begun.  This will be the largest distribution of this booklet ever in the state of Missouri.  The booklet has been so well received that the church was recently given this plaque from the Stop the Killing Initiative, which is distributing the booklets to help calm the raging sea of urban violence in St. Louis.  

As the copies are distributed, other like-minded groups have jumped on board to distribute even more copies.  Again, we've learned that there are many, many people who want to help - so far, mentoring groups, a juvenile detention center and a school have found out about this booklet via its distribution and have, in turn, requested their own booklets be made so that they may distribute them.  By the end of March, all 50,000 will be distributed and we'll be ready to do another 50,000.  

What will be the results of 20% of the population of St. Louis receiving this booklet and reading it?  What will happen when a number of community groups all work together under the banner of The Way to Happiness to promote a common message of peace and mutual understanding?  We are about to find out.

Thank you, Barry, for jumping on this project and bringing help and freedom to untold people.  This is precisely why we are making our Ideal org and you are leading the way. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Taking Scientology for Granted

Thank you to everyone that has reminded me to post a blog.  I'm glad that you enjoy them.  I will attempt to get back into a regular routine of blog posts soon.

In the meantime, I asked Dr. Everett Mobley to write a guest blog.  He writes a very amusing blog that covers a number of subjects and is consistently well-written.  He responded immediately with the below post, entitled, "Taking Scientology for Granted."  I hope you enjoy it.

Taking Scientology for Granted

“Not me!”, you say.  Well, maybe not… and maybe more than you realize.

Naturally, you appreciate your big wins, as do I.  Scientology restored my health, my marriage, and my career (to say nothing of eliminating 18 years of constant headaches). I am happy to “testify”, as they say in some other churches.

On the other hand, how many times in the past week have you talked about getting in better communicaton, or raising ARC?  How many times have you stopped to clear a word, knowing the importance of doing so, and having the technology to accomplish it?  Did you even have to think about it?

What percentage of the world at large would understand your conversation, or the concepts, or have the technology to apply it?

Perhaps you are so ingrained with these concepts that you don’t feel they are all that special: people understand these things, even if they don’t use the same terminology.  Really?  How about the second grade teacher in my town who gave the smartest girl in class a dictionary?  It seems she was constantly interrupting story time to ask what unfamiliar words mean.  The dictionary shut her right up so the less intelligent kids could get on with the business of accumulating one misunderstood word after another.

When Fran emails each week to ask how I have used the tech, I can always think of at least one definite application.  Heaven knows how many times I used the tech and didn’t even make a note of it – it’s second nature to me now… and possibly to you, too.

And yet, it is the merest accident that I ever found Scientology in the first place.  I was in a downward spiral on all my dynamics.  My own analysis found a lack of business administration technology as the “why”. By chance, I chose Sterling Management to pursue some education in that field.  There, I was confronted with the fact that my ruin was considerably deeper than my lack of business know-how.

I went directly from Sterling to do my Life Repair and found that my basic problems could all be handled, handled fully and handled permanently.  It was a happy accident indeed.

How did you find Scientology?  A friend? A relative? A search for truth? A happy accident?   Is that how we will salvage our planet?

Maybe you don’t personally need an Ideal Org, right here, right now.  There are a hell of a lot of people who do.  If you’ve forgotten how it felt to be one of them, try to remember it for a moment.  Is there enough money in the world to pay you to return to that state?  Not for me, there isn’t.

Putting an Ideal Org in St. Louis will not happen by accident --  you will do it on purpose, You will make Scientology easy to find for those people who need it so desperately, and whose accidents have not been so happy.

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