Saturday, February 11, 2012

Man on fire

"Now, it's a funny darn thing.  What do you live for?  You live to help others."
                                                                                - L. Ron Hubbard

I'd like to acknowledge Barry Coziahr, who has been engaged in community outreach for the St. Louis Church of Scientology for nearly 20 years.  The church is now on the cusp of creating some very large positive change in St. Louis, and this is in no small part due to his initiative and activities.

Barry has been working intensively to get The Way to Happiness into the hands of the population of St. Louis.  He has helped get 50,000 of this very powerful booklet donated, printed and distribution begun.  This will be the largest distribution of this booklet ever in the state of Missouri.  The booklet has been so well received that the church was recently given this plaque from the Stop the Killing Initiative, which is distributing the booklets to help calm the raging sea of urban violence in St. Louis.  

As the copies are distributed, other like-minded groups have jumped on board to distribute even more copies.  Again, we've learned that there are many, many people who want to help - so far, mentoring groups, a juvenile detention center and a school have found out about this booklet via its distribution and have, in turn, requested their own booklets be made so that they may distribute them.  By the end of March, all 50,000 will be distributed and we'll be ready to do another 50,000.  

What will be the results of 20% of the population of St. Louis receiving this booklet and reading it?  What will happen when a number of community groups all work together under the banner of The Way to Happiness to promote a common message of peace and mutual understanding?  We are about to find out.

Thank you, Barry, for jumping on this project and bringing help and freedom to untold people.  This is precisely why we are making our Ideal org and you are leading the way. 

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