Thursday, July 14, 2011

Taking the bus

I read an article yesterday that you may find interesting -

It describes very briefly a small museum which has been recently dedicated the activities of the freedom riders of 50 years ago.

Fifty years - it's a blip of time.  However, the conventions of segregated entrances to public buildings, swimming pools and drinking fountains that were the norm in the south at that time are now properly viewed as grotesque by mainstream culture.  No argument for these activities could be entertained as remotely rational today.

However, 50 years ago, the participants of the freedom rides endured fire bombs, beatings, mob violence and imprisonment in depraved conditions (all of which occurred with the consent of local governments) to ensure that whites and blacks could sit next to each other on a bus.

They succeeded, not only in this, but in beginning to alter the very conception of what was acceptable behavior in American society.

It proves what a small group of determined people can accomplish when they set out to change the world.

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