Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yes, I do have a time machine.

I had an opportunity this morning to fix up my time machine and overhear the following conversation, which happens 150 years in the future.  I came back immediately to blog about it because I like you and wanted you to have the information.


"Alright, children, it's time to gather around your grandfather and let him tell you a story."

"Aw mom - he drools!"

"Everyone drools when they're 187 years old.  Settle down, now.  He's waking up from his nap."

"Humph.  Alright, children.  I will tell you a tale of long ago - one that took place before cell phones, Ipods and the internet.  This is a tale of... 1990."

"Pappy, is it true?! I heard that back in those days, cars still used... gasoline?!"

"Yes, little Jimmy, it is true.  That and many crazy things, besides. In those days, the Church was in a warehouse."

"A warehouse?!"

"That's right.  We shared our facility with a dry cleaning company."

"I have photos right here to show you...

"Eventually, the dry cleaning company moved out and we used the extra space to add a volleyball net.

"Then, on October 31st 1997, we moved to a larger building.  This building was much nicer and closer to people walking around and all that.  It was a smart idea and a whole lot of people helped make that possible."

"Here's a photo of what that building looked like..."

"The move was such a good idea that we had too many people and too little space.  Staff members had to share desks and the classrooms would get crowded and hot.  No one could talk to each other without bumping into someone else.  Heck, we didn't even have a cafeteria in those days, can you believe it?!"

"No cafeteria?!"

"Yup.  Well, then we had to find a bigger building.  We looked and looked, then found one.  It was incredible."

"Do we still have it?"

"Yes, you'll recognize it as one of the buildings we have today.  Here's a photo."

"It sure looked boarded up and dirty and stuff."

"Yeah.  A whole lot of people helped to make it look as beautiful as it does today.  You can still read the honor roll of all the original donors that made that building happen."

"I look at that honor roll every time I go in there.  It's always seemed to me that those people were sooooo lucky, that they got to put something here that was soooo important."

"Yes, that's very smart of you.  You're right.  And you bet - those people are very proud of what they did - and rightly so.  Due to the work of all those people, the world is a much happier place today than it would have been otherwise."

"Gee, thanks, pappy!  That was a great story!"


That's it.  After that, I zipped back to 2011 with all speed.  Keep sending those guesses on Randy's cattle brand.  I'll let you know the winner on Friday.

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