Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Their war paint is sharpie ink

(apologies to Kimya Dawson for swiping her song lyric.)

Last year, this group went to our new building.

This was to celebrate the start of the renovations project for 2345 Lafayette.

The group was very excited - and good looking, too.

Winnie gave an enthusiastic tour of the building, and then...

Everyone present had an opportunity to write their well-wishing and thoughts for the future generations of people that would attend services in the new building.

They wrote these postulates with sharpies on some old auditorium floor boards that Winnie had saved.  I could see that the participants put thought into their words as they stretched their thinking into the far-off future.

Yesterday, Winnie placed these boards underneath the new floor of the auditorium, which is now being completed.

When you attend our grand opening, remember that these inscriptions in sharpie ink are there - underneath your feet - representing the postulate that you, too, will go free.

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