Monday, October 3, 2011

Ideas and friends = peanut butter and chocolate

"The world is founded on thoughts and ideas, not on cotton and iron."   Ralph Waldo Emerson

I found those words above the entrance to our Midwest convention this weekend.  I can think of no better reminder of why we were there than this.

This quote is at the center of any charitable activity, including our own.  Donors first decide on a vision, which creates the space in which that vision can occur.  They then contribute the money (energy) required to amplify that idea across that space, and by doing so, they make it manifest in the physical universe.  Without the vision and energy of our donors, even the best ideas will fall flat.  The  matter and energy of the "real world" has inertia that must be overcome, hence the interjection of time between vision and actualization.

A month ago, I discussed the fact we can be made to feel that there is a shortage of resources on this planet to support the human race, but that actually, the only shortage is one of ideas.  I have also discussed the fact that we are not short on friends to make our idea of a cleared planet a reality.  This weekend once again demonstrated that the idea behind our building campaigns is sound, and that we certainly have more friends than we ever may have considered.

Thank you to all of you who went this weekend to Chicago - I had an amazing time.  I'm so happy that many of you have rededicated yourselves to completing our beautiful building in Lafayette square.

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