Friday, October 21, 2011

Sixteen again

Do you remember when you finally got your driver's license?  The years of yearning, preparation, smooth-talking parents for the keys, study and (gasp) actually taking the driver's test culminate in that moment when you, by yourself, finally turn the keys of the car and you steer onto the open road, knowing that you could literally go anywhere.

I've been in Twin Cities for a few days, and the air crackles with that feeling right now.  We are in the middle of the final moments before the TC staff and public get to "turn the keys."  The staff are alight and the donors I've talked to  - particularly the Humanitarians - have absolute certainty that their dreams are about to manifest after years of sweat and sacrifice.

We in St. Louis can take something from this experience - there is an end goal, and it is absolutely attainable.  As Ron says,

"When you are engaged in the task of making the world sane, you have to keep your eyes on the mountain.  You have to know that you are making the world sane.  THere are advantages to getting the job done.  You do the job fast as you can.  You intend to do it, and you intend to do i t as quickly as it can be done.  The intention is what causes the job to get done.  All the steps that follow the intention are just technical details."

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