Thursday, October 27, 2011

If you want something done...

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to talk with the Mayor of University City, Mayor Shelley Welsch.  I had a great time talking to her - the conversation was very much a demonstration of Ron's description of "people of good will," from The Way to Happiness, "Factually, the society runs on men and women of good will.  Public workers, opinion leaders, those in the private sector who do their jobs are, in the great majority, people of good will... The violent criminal, the propagandist, the sensation-seeking media all tend to distract one's attention from the solid, everyday fact that the society would not run at all were it not for the individuals of good will.  As they guard the street, counsel the children, take the temperatures, put out the fires and speak good sense in quiet voices, one is apt to overlook the fact that people of good will are the ones that keep the world going and Man alive upon this earth."

She has the marvelous idea to establish a "volunteer clearinghouse" - a way to easily match willing volunteers with projects and organizations that need their efforts.  It is demonstrable that there are many more people who are willing to help improve their society than there are people who would rather descend into apathy about it, or worse, harm it.  There are innumerable opportunities to help right here in our own community.  I think that a project such as this would allow for all of us to coordinate our activities and muster our resources.

She has asked for help with the task of getting this project up and running.

Given the fact that you are among the most avid volunteers that I know, and that many of you are able communicators and organizers, I am asking that anyone who would like to help with this contact me, so that I may put them in contact with Mayor Welsch.  This is a great opportunity to help establish something with far-reaching effects in our community.



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