Monday, August 1, 2011

Humanitarian Haiku

Humanitarians make excellent poetic subjects because they are amazing people.  They create a vision in their heads and then do what it takes to make those visions manifest.  Like poets, they start with disparate pieces of livingness and from that, form something greater than the parts.

I am not a poet.

However, I have created several haiku using a few of the St. Louis Humanitarians as subjects to demonstrate (poorly) the art form of Japanese poetry and to announce this week's contest.

Submit your haiku by email, phone, fax or text to me by Friday.  The subject matter should be charity, goodwill, the new building, etc.  Prizes will be awarded.

The Ridenours,
     Humanitarians both;
surprised by a hat.

A man with tuba
    starts an audience singing

His wife
     must look on
        as he demonstrates
          his moves;

She looks so happy.
   She's living her dream of a
busy retirement.

Given a future -
 her parents want her to thrive,
the world sane at last.

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