Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Delmar Scroll

"Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten." G. K. Chesterton

Winnie was digging in the yard today and came across an ancient scroll buried in a mason jar.  I am reproducing the contents of that scroll here, as they remind me of someone I know.

A hero there was, in days of old -
     who traveled far and wide.
The defeat of a dragon she considered her duty
     its evil she could not abide.

The creature was fierce, with nasty breath
     that made people dumb and blind;
its scales were composed of ignorance
     its teeth were syringes aligned.

With its teeth and its scales and its breath and its claws,
     the dragon stood long undefeated.
And ere it fed off of ignorance,
     no one could see that justice was meted.

Till the hero arose from St. Albansland
     and said she would take on the foe
while people cried it was impossible
    she yet decided to deliver a blow.

A long time she searched for the dragon;
     hard to find as it stayed hidden -
protected by ignorant souls who'd been duped
     and who did as the dragon would bidden.

After looking and questing and searching intrepid,
    to the dragon her fate at last did steer.
The beast sleepily opened an eye,
    and hissed, "Are you sure that you should be here?"

"I am a creature that has always existed,
     they call me by e'ery name.
I've lived long and grown all the while
    and I can win at e'ery game.

"And further you'll find that you have no support
       I'm sure you've encountered blank stares
as you've announced your quest to spread help to others;
     but because of my breath they don't care.

"So go now or succumb, I could hardly care which -
      It's been a time since I've tasted a snack.
I would happily suck your marrow from bones
     and slurp your brains through your skull with a smack."

The hero took this in, she heard every word
    of the boasts of this creature from hell.
Then her sword sang a song as she lifted it high,
   "Now it's my turn, beast!" she yelled.

"You've had years to spread ignorance, pain and disease
      and no doubt you've had some success.
But people are strong and once they've awoken
     you'll find that they're rather pissed."

With that, her sword sung a song never heard
     in all the days the dragon took flight
The song was of truth, unmitigated and bold
     and with it, there shone forth a light.

The people stood up, their eyes now could see
     the devious dragon's devices.
and with that, they helped lift that hideous worm,
     and reduced his body to slices.

Then they cheered, they felt such relief
     to be free from the dragon at last.
And they'll never forget the hero that day
     No matter how much time may pass.

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