Monday, September 19, 2011

Delmar trivial pursuit

As you know, we've been located in the Delmar building since 1997.  Dozens of people walk in to this building every week to find out more about Scientology.  This is the reason that we are keeping this building and transforming it into an information and community center, rather than selling it.

We will be keeping many of the original fixtures in the building, which are unique.

I've devised this quiz to see how well you know your building:

1.  The building in which the Church of Scientology of St. Louis currently resides was built by what fraternal organization?

A.  The Elks
B.  The Masons
C.  The Knights of Columbus
D.  The Loyal Order of the Water Buffalo

2.   What slogan is clearly visible in large concrete letters on the outside of the building?

A.  "Veni, Vidi, Vici"
B.  "Novus Ordo Seclorum"
C.  "To God and country, home and family, freedom and independence, we dedicate this temple."
D.  "To the great Truths of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity"

3.  What animal stands atop a pillar in our front yard?

A.  A lion
B.  A panther
C.  A very large house cat
D.  Goooooo cardinals!

4.  What is very good about the location of our building?

A.  It is located 50 yards from city hall.
B.  It is located at the head of one of the "Ten best walking streets in America"
C.  It is one block away from Washington University.
D.  All of the above.

5.  True or false:  This building will be the site of the largest Scientology information center on the planet.

6.  The interior and exterior of the building was done in "Egyptian revival style."  This is due to the fact that it was built during the same era that Howard Carter discovered the treasure of Tutankhamun.  What two creatures are worked into the stained glass of the lights inside the building?

A.  The sphinx and eagle
B.  The cat and the sphinx.
C.  The scarab and the snake.
D.  The scarab and the elephant.

7.  Because of recent expansion, we had to turn my office into another courseroom.  As a result, I'm typing this on the third floor.  What substance was used as part of the ceiling treatment in my new office?

A.  Paint
B.  Acoustic tile
C.  Tin
D.  Bamboo from Winnie's yard

Correct answers:

1.  B.  Masonic symbols are imprinted on everything in the building, from the tile on the fireplace to the doorknobs.  Every few years, a large tour of Freemasons comes into the building to look at it.

2.  C.  Nice, huh?

3.  A.

4.  D.  Great spot for an information center.

5.  True.

6.  C.  The scarab was used in ancient Egypt to represent the sun, as well as resurrection or rebirth.

7.  D, of course!

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